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"You matched the color of the existing paint almost perfectly. You and your crew did a great job and I didn't find one drop of paint where it did not belong."

James R.Wister, President
Mueller & Wister Inc.

"Your crew was a pleasure to have around and their attention to detail, as well as professionalism, was much appreciated. We have come to expect excellent work from [you] and you did not disappoint us."

Dear Matt,

Thank you so much for your on-site consultation and for the highly professional job your painter did on the inside doors and ornate hall entrance of mercy Vocational High School. These unique doors and entrance provide a warm welcome to our school and American Painting & decorating helped to enhance their beauty as well as restore their hundred year old charm. Read full letter.

Sister Rosemary Herron, President
Mercy Vocational High School, Philadelphia PA

Dear Matt,

Thank you for your generous silent auction contribution of a clean force pressure washer to the Seventh Annual "Looking Out for Kids" charity fundraiser help on November 15, 2013. Read full letter.

Susan C. Oleszewski, OD, MA
"Looking Out for Kids" Planning Committee